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The Illuminati Craze

“Illuminati want my mind, soul and body
Secret society, tryin’ to keep they eye on me” – Illuminati Prodigy

“Make me King, as we move forward to a,
new world order” – Lose Yourself Eminem

The subject of the Illuminati is so dense that the presentation I’ve made on friday was barely just a gloss over this controversial issue, therefore, I will mention some of the things that wasn’t mentioned in this blog for those of you who were really interested in my presentation.
All of these conspiracy theories really started with Robert Johnson, a blues musician back in the 30s who believed to have sold his soul to the Devil in order to become a famous star. Since then some people started believeing that there was some kind of evil deity involved in the music industry.

Taken from Wikipedia

According to a legend known to modern blues fans, Robert Johnson was a young black man living on a plantation in rural Mississippi. Branded with a burning desire to become a great blues musician, he was instructed to take his guitar to a crossroad near Dockery Plantation at midnight. There he was met by a large black man (the Devil) who took the guitar and tuned it. After tuning the guitar, the Devil played a few songs and then returned it to Johnson, giving him mastery of the guitar. This was, in effect, a deal with the Devil mirroring the legend of Faust; in exchange Robert Johnson was able to create the blues for which he became famous.

For those of you who don’t know who “rainman” is according to theorists, you can watch the following YouTube Clip:

Basically put, whenever artists sing about letting it “rain” or the “rainman” they say that they are singing about the devil. They believe that the devil gives fame and glory to the artists as long as they subject to him and sing about things that the whole cult (music industry figures) want them to. They also analyze the messages of lyrics, but alot of artists have sang about the illuminati and the new world order. You can watch the following youtube clip to hear some of these songs:

And of course, there are also incidents where artists publicly admit that they’ve sold their soul to the devil:

Katy Perry, Kanye West, Eminem, Snoop Dogg –

Jay-Z’s public address on the radio to people accusing him of being apart of the illuminati – (Start at 25 seconds)

Alot of people these days (especially those who are concerned about theories of an upcoming apocalypse such as 2012, etc.) are really concerned with the “evil” or immoral matters that are brought to our attention today. There was always a great problem with parents and music that was exposed to their children. In a way, some artists do cater to that concern and do write more “clean” and acceptable music (example: The Jonas Brothers). But it is only a matter of time before kids turn on the radio and listen to a song like “Rude Boy” by Rihanna – a song which is obviously talking about a girl’s sexual agression towards a boy.

Due to alot of “tasteless” songs that are being put on the radio, people turn to the fact that everyone in the music industry are the devil’s minions, trying to take control of people by sending subliminal messages of immorality (such as sex, violence and lyrics that absolutely makes no sense and has no value in them). In all, I do believe that this is only a way for people to understand why our society has “dumbed-down” and almost like a critique on our musical culture today.

The conspiracy theory of the illuminati has sparked a very interesting thing, which is that alot of believers address this issue and they search for answers or clues in the lyrics and music videos. In a way I feel that alot of people DO pay attention to the lyrics of a song or the music video now a days, so why is it that the producers are still feeding us alot of “garbage” songs with lyrics that absolutely makes no sense?

The way we listen to music now is alot different from the way people listen to music before. Back in the time periods before the invention of instruments, the only type of music that was available were Gregorian Chants (vocal chanting) where monks would chant everyday -and literally all day long- in the church.  If you wanted to hear music back then, it was in the form of vocal music such as a mass with sacred text that belongs to the church, or if you wanted to hear Bach’s works you had to literally walk miles and miles to a church to hear him perform on the organ. Music back then was heavily associated with the church and even back then the church banned the use of diminished chords, tritones and ending a piece in a minor chord because they believed that it was the chord of the devil. Major chords was associated with the chord of God, representing good and triumph (hence why many people associate major chords today as “happy” or “good” and minor chords as “sad” or “evil”).

Today, we listen to music for alot of reasons other than for church. We listen to it because it is a form of entertainment (like a song with a good beat that makes us want to dance), we listen to it for pleasure (it makes us feel happy), we listen to it for inspiration (because it gets us through the day or it’s “relaxing”; so we can inspire ourselves to write our own). Therefore, I feel that the whole illuminati craze is overly exaggerated. Yes, I agree there are a bunch of music out there that’s not even worth my time listening to, however, they forget that there are also alot of music out there that really helps people by the ways I’ve mentioned above. Like Anda has said, these theorists are so quick to judge music and claim that they are the work of the devil, but how about the songs that sing about love and unity? Shouldn’t they say that songs such as those are really inspired by God (or Goodness)?

I also agree with a good point that Roland has made in class, that the answer to why such “distasteful” music is made today is because alot of people aren’t educated enough about music. We listen to a song and we are attracted to it and if we were given the proper understanding of why it is so appealing to us (musically) we can learn to appreciate the music more. At the same time, the music that is being produced is made because producers or song writers believe that this is the type of music people will like to listen to, but I think they are underestiminating some of us in that we DO know what’s bad and those that have some sort of value in them.

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