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Eurovision Song Contest 2010

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest had a few surprising turns. Ending today, the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest was a singer from Germany by the name of Lena Landrut with her song, “Satellite”.

The Eurovision song contest has been a very popular creative competition which takes place in Europe. Countries get to battle it out by getting their famous song writers from all over Europe to write specially-written songs for the chosen artist to compete.

Last year, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest was a Norwegian classically trained violinist, Alexander Rybak. Because of the victory, Norway got to host this year’s contest. Since Germany won this year, the next Eurovision song contest will be held in Germany.

The Eurovision Song Contest originally began in Lugano, Switzerland in 1956. The voting for the contest was determined by telephone votes from viewers as well as judges from each nation. It was reported that this year, Norway had spent a total of 32 million (USD) and claimed that they could not afford to host another one again due to financial struggles. The unstable economy has contributed to the participation of certain countries. For example this year, countries like Hungary, Andorra, The Czech Republic and Montenegro had to pull out this year because their budgets were cut severely. However, Hungary stated that the cost was not the issue but would be interested to participate in the contest again in the future.

Alot of bias is also present in the election of the winner of the Eurovision song contest. Countries that had a grudge against each other would give each other 0 points, majorly effecting the genuine outcome of the winner, whereas countries that were allies give each other full points.

Placement for Eurovision Song Contest 2010:

1. Germany
2. Turkey
3. Romania
4. Denmark
5. Azerbaijan

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